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Thermosyphon Press Relief Valve (2)

Aeration Controllers: We highly recommend the installation of these devices. They will reduce power consumption, save you time & assist in the delivery of good grain quality. They will choose: • when the desirable atmospheric air is available, • how much is required for your stored grain, • When to switch the fans on and off. The basic cycles are; • Cooling of the grain at harvest time. Objective is for 20 degrees Celsius. • Reducing humidity in the grain column. • Maintenance of conditions within the grain column. They now have the capacity to: • Stagger start fans throughout your facility. • Switch generator sets on and off • Report to and be controlled from your personal device/phone???/ There are several manufactures to choose from. So that the supplier provides the best product for your facility a consultation is required with you and possibly your electrician. Issues to consider are; • Electricity power requirements, • Additional switch’s for lighting etc, • Additional safety features • Weatherproof cabinet containing all equipment for your electrician to connect.