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Silo Unloaders

Unloaders are an important feature when planning your silo facility.

Unloaders are available in several variations.

The Silo Construction Company cast the subfloor component of the unloader into the silo base.

This allows for a strong silo base plus the ease of internal cleaning and insect control when empty.

The choice is usually based on the out loading speed required and the power supply.

Conventional enclosed tube type:

Size and power options:

Common diameter sizes.

  • 200mm usually for smaller silos.
  • 250mm diameter is the most common for 42 Ft and 48 Ft diameter silos. These will outload quick enough for most transport turn arounds.
  • 300 mm diameter. Usually fitted to large silos where rapid outload is specified.

Power supply for the subfloor.

  • Electric: 415V 3 phase. 4Kw to 18 Kw as required by size.
  • Hydraulic: Lower cost vs electric, safety vs PTO, ease of use & tractors available.
  • PTO Shaft: Common choice of the past and this option is still available. A long PTO Shaft will be required.

Power supply for sweeps.

  • Hydraulic: Use if PTO or Hydraulic is used for the subfloor.
  • Electric: 415 V 3 phase. 3Kw to 5.5 Kw as required by size.

Other options:

U Trough subfloor:

These types can be used where softer handling and higher flows are required.

Cast into the silo base as above.

Conveyor Unloaders:

These have been installed and silo sealed for fumigation.

They offer softer handling of grain & lower power consumption.

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Silo Grain Storage Unloaders

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