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The Silo Construction Company

Selling and building Cyclone silos for your grain storage needs.

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The Silo Construction Company

The Silo Construction Company has many years experience building and selling the Australian made Cyclone silos.

We are the Cyclone Silo Agri Dealer for Victoria and South Australia. We also service our customers in the Riverina of NSW, Western Australia and Tasmania.

Our objective is to build your farm or commercial silo facility to meet your current needs and your future expansion.

Our extensive experience selling and building Cyclone grain silos has grown with the current technical demands of grain storage for Australian conditions.

We deliver our projects to current Australian engineering and construction standards and are proud of our reputation. We build sealed silos to the Australian Standard for fumigation plus any special features for grain handling.

The Silo Construction Company also undertakes:

  • Alterations to existing silos to increase capacity & improve operational features.
  • Upgrade to safety and operational requirements of existing grain silos.
  • Installation of grain handling equipment.
  • Repairs and regular maintenance.


Silo Construction Company

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We’ve Been Building Silos Since 1999

The Silo Construction Company has over 19 years of building silos. Years of experience means we look after you and make sure your silo project is of the highest standard. We can also assist with your civil works and site preparation and drainage. We can provide some direction to get the best advice on power for your facility, OH & S upgrades, grain drying, and fumigation.

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The Silo Construction Company