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Building Quality Grain Storage Silos

Improve your farming returns with quality built on farm grain storage silos.

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New Silo Construction

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Civil Works

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New Silo Construction

The silo needs of your farm and business can change.

It is important the you have access to experienced Millwright and the skilled crews to do this work.

Cyclone can provide the engineering advice plus the components to deliver your project.

As the approved Agri Dealer for Cyclone Silos, The Silo Construction Company has considerable experience to carry out these works.

  • Access ladders and on roof walk ways.
  • Access to and operation of vents.
  • Doors and man holes.
  • Unloader operation.
  • Lighting etc.
  • Power supply for the subfloor.
  • Power supply for sweeps.
  • Power supply for site operation
  • Electric power options
  • Fumigation
  • Aeration Fans.
  • Aeration Vents
  • Thermosyphon tubes
  • Aeration Controllers
  • Aeration Cycles

Repairs & Upgrades

After years of use your silos can take a few hits and be damaged by physical impact or wind damage.

You may have silos built to past standards, poor workmanship or engineering standards of another country.

The Silo Construction Company can upgrade and repair your existing silos improving capacity and overall performance.

  • Lifting silos to increase capcity
  • Insurance claims
  • Functionality upgrades
  • Improve loading & unloading
  • Comply with Australia work place & safety requirements

Civil Works

It is important to have good site hygiene and all weather access when planning and building your grain storage project.

The Silo Construction Company can provide hard surfaces surrounding the silo facility to enable cleaning and appearance.

Having years of experience in civil construction and site management The Silo Construction Company can facilitate your needs:

  • Arranging and instructing civil engineers for site drawings.
  • Arrange and manage earthwork providers.
  • Monitor levels and work standards to civil engineering requirements.
  • Carry out drainage works as needed. E.g. Culvert and drains etc.
  • Concrete aprons.
  • Fill auger pads.
  • Grain receival hoppers.
  • Weigh bridges and foundations.

Silo Projects

New Cyclone Silo Construction
Building Quality On Farm Cyclone Storage
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